Hancock Hydroseeding & Erosion is a leading service provider of Seed & Mulch in Florida.· With over 50 years of combined planting experience we have the knowledge and equipment to do the job right the first time. Our machinery is state of the art and we are able to cover as much as 60 acres in one day!

Material:· We produce our own grass seed and mulch hay.· Our annual seed production varies from 450,000 to 650,000 lbs. of grass seed, millet and other species. From this seed production we are able to produce as much as 8,000 round bales of quality straw and grass hay.· We have our own line of fertilizer designed for a slow release feeding of the grasses as they emerge.

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Our Seed & Mulch process includes:

  • Disking or Tilling to prepare a clean firm seed bed.
  • Broadcasting or Drilling seed and fertilizer.
  • Cultipacking, Rolling or Disking to lightly cover the seed a the desired depth.
  • Evenly distributing straw or grass hay.
  • Crimping the hay in to secure the hay in place.



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